As a kid, I grew up loving Halloween. I think the chance to dress up, be something/someone else, go out alone or with a friend, getting free candy - I loved all of it. I trick or treated throughout my childhood. In college, I discovered the other side of Halloween - decorating and playing games! I met someone with my affinity for Halloween and after getting married, we continued to expand our Halloween collection. We are now known as the Halloween House on our block, with our massive graveyard expanding with every season.

As with many of you, I've become increasingly taken by the new style of tabletop games being produced. The artistry, the gameplay, it's all new and versatile. I've even played Zombie Dice with my 3 year old! Now with two young daughters, I've begun to explore this further and I have found several ways to combine my love for Halloween with my love for gaming for many different age groups. Please check out the Products page to learn more.

If you came to this site to learn more about how to throw a great Halloween party, there are several services I plan to make available on this site in the future as I organize my thoughts. Would you like guidelines? Would you like a party in a box? Would you like me to provide decorations for you Halloween party? These are all things I plan to provide. Stay tuned!